Science is a powerful tool that tries to understand how the universe works. It doesn’t ask why the universe is here; that’s a philosophical or theological question. Science is only interested in the mechanics of nature and how systems relate to each other.

Think of science as a pair of glasses that you put on, and when you look around at the same world that everyone else sees, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

A green leaf becomes an energy factory that turns sunlight directly into food for the plant. You can see down to the infinitesimally small world within an atom and discover the powerful forces at work there. You look up and see billions of other worlds, exploding stars, galaxies, out to the edge of the universe and back to the beginning of time. An odd-shaped rock becomes the leg bone of a giant creature that walked the Earth, long before humanity.

Perhaps most importantly, science sees relationships, the interconnectedness between systems. Ocean currents affect weather patterns, the weather affects life on land, volcanoes cool the climate.

As the great American naturalist John Muir wrote: “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

Now, it seems that humanity is picking out just about everything in sight and affecting everything else on the planet.

And that’s why we need science to see those effects and remind ourselves that we are an intimate part of the whole system.

Bob Mcdonald Via Why Science Literacy Matters (via mindblowingscience)
"I spent the first half of my life learning to rule myself, to grow a will, and now at midlife I find that autonomy is a boulder on my path that I keep crashing into. I can’t seem to stay out of my own way. I’ve always been aware that there is a greater power than the conscious I. That power is my inner self, the entity that is the sum total of all my reincarnations, the godwoman in me I call Antigua, mi Diosa, the divine within. Coatlicue-Cibuacoatl-Tlazolteotl-Tonantzin-Coatlalopeuh-Guadalupe-they are one. When to bow down to Her and when to allow the limited conscious mind to take over - that is the problem."
Gloria Anzaldua - Borderlands/La Frontera - The New Mestiza (via monaeltahawy)

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